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October 1st - Isaiah 41:10



  1. I read in the NASB version this morning. This really spoke to me: ‘Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.’ I often seem to hold my breath, wondering what the next ‘bad thing’ to happen to us will be. God says no matter what happens he is with us. He is our God. He will hold us up when we can’t. He will strengthen us. What a comforting promise. —Iris

  2. This has been a chaotic year for me. I lost my 12 year old grandson in an accident in December 2019, then it was Covid, then I found out I need knee replacement surgery, and then major plumbing issues in my home...I am also lost as to how to support my daughter who is in a very dark place, understandably.
    I have talked to God a lot about my fear and anxiety...the world feels very unsafe right now. In this Scripture I feel like He is telling me He is there for me. I can rest in Him. He will provide. But I also feel like He is telling me to ask for help...look for the helpers.

    1. Oh what a heavy burden to carry. I have not lost a grandson, but I have lost my almost 5 year old son and the years since have been so difficult for many many reasons beyond the grief. You too are experiencing that and I am so sorry. Yes, through it all, God is with us...even and especially those times when we don’t feel him. Hold onto his promises. You are held. —Iris

    2. Losing your boy...such a devastating loss. I am so very sorry, Iris.
      My very dear friend, Donna Epp, directed me to your blog so I know a bit of your story.
      Your words give me hope that, one day, my daughter will find a new relationship with the Lord and life that can be fulfilling even with the heartache.

  3. I am praying this for your daughter right now. —Iris


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