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Tomorrow is the day...

Here's a reminder that tomorrow, October 1st, the Scripture Reading/ Writing Challenge starts. Do you have your Bible and journal/notebook ready? Can't wait to get started.

For those who have never done a Scripture Reading/Writing Challenge, I thought I'd share a sample of what my journal looks like. I often just use a Hilroy scribbler, coil notebook, or get a pretty journal from the dollar store. This is what my current one looks like:

Every day I will post a scripture reference for us to read.  Read the scripture and ask, 'Lord, reveal to me what you want me to learn and take away from what I have just read.'  Then copy the scripture into your journal. There is something to be said about copying down the word of God that helps it to settle a little bit deeper within us, I believe. Once you have done this, journal a few thoughts about what you have read, questions you have, a picture that comes to your mind, parts that stand out to you...anything goes. And that's it. That is the basics of scripture reading/writing.

In the past month I have added a few more steps in my journaling that help me get ready for my day. This is what that little 15 minute morning routine looks like for me (adapted from a Sept 1, 2020 Instagram post by @heatherboersma) :

So, when I go to do my daily scripture writing, I go through these five steps (which I write in the front of my journal so I can quickly look back to see what each step is) and this is what that looks like for me:

It really is up to you how much or how little you would like to write in your journal. Use it as an opportunity to lean into the word of God and what he has to say to you about anxiety this month. If you feel up to it, share your thoughts in the blog entry comments or in the comments on Facebook. It would be wonderful to hear what you are taking away from the reading each day.