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Scripture Reading/Writing Plan: Anxiety

 From time to time I have really enjoyed following a scripture writing plan. What is a scripture writing plan? 

Scripture writing is taking a scripture or verses from the Bible and writing them down in a journal or notebook. As you read and write the scripture for the day, pray that God will guide you and show you how to apply the scripture to your daily life. Often a scripture writing plan is a month long and follows a theme throughout that month.

I have been noticing that a lot of people are battling anxiety. For some this is not a new battle, for others it is new and stems from the pandemic and world events that we are all muddling through right now. For many it is a combination of so many different things coming at us all at once.

I have battled anxiety since I was a child and have found many tools that have helped me through. I have read books and blogs, listened to podcasts and although these sources are great for learning tools to help us through anxious times, the word of God has always been the number one comfort for me.

I invite you to join me this month as I walk through a Daily Scripture Reading/Writing Plan I have put together. It is quite simple:

Will you join me?