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Grace Upon Grace Upon Grace

This year back to school looks different for many people and coming to the decision of 'what to do' is not easy whether you land on returning to a bricks and mortar school, distance learning, or traditional homeschooling. As we were thinking of the three options that are available to us in our province, it came down to in the present circumstances in our world, which method of education will allow our family to thrive the best? There are many that feel they are left with little choice due to work responsibilities. For them, bricks and mortar education is the only choice even if they wish that distance learning or traditional homeschooling were an option for them. For some, the distance learning method fits into their family well. For others the traditional homeschooling fits into their family well. One thing I do know, is that no matter what each family decides, they love their children and are doing their very best to make the best choice possible, given current circumstances.…