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Sing like the heavens are waiting

It's been nearly 5 1/2 years since Mikail went home to heaven. Grief is a familiar thread in our tapestry of life and we've found our new normal, but there are moments where it all floods back as though we just found his lifeless body on the couch. Yes, this is normal and we've come to accept that it's okay.
One of those moments was this Sunday when we were singing a new song by Bethel. It's a song of worship and I could loudly sing all of the lyrics with much conviction, but when we came to the chorus I was left to leave my tears sing the words in silence as they snuck their way down my face:
oh, my soul, sing to the God of the ages
Sing to the Lord of creation, sing His praise again
And, oh, my soul, sing like the Heavens are waiting
Roar like an army of angels, sing His praise again

To think that the heavens are waiting and imagine a the roar of an army of angels was so amazing. It's something I know in my mind, but for it to sink into my soul was overwhelming.  O…