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The Mercy Tree

Hope went dark that violent day The whole earth quaked at love’s display Three days silent in the ground This body born for heaven’s crown –Lacey Sturm ‘Mercy Tree’
How confusing that must have been for Jesus’ followers. A life of service only to end a painful, violent death on a cross? How does that even make sense?
A few years ago someone, meaning to be sympathetic, said to me that Christmas and Easter must be so difficult to celebrate without Mikail. They didn’t ‘get it’. Yes, we miss him and it’s a little more in your face during holidays, but grief is a part of every day of our lives, not just holidays.I’ve found that Christmas and Easter are the reason we are filled with hope. Because of Jesus’ birth and death, we have this incredible opportunity to follow a man, who died a violent death on a cross, for our sins.Our sins were taken on Him so that we could be free from so much that enslaves us. Because of this man, we have the hope of heaven. So, when I hear comments like that made, m…

Thoughts on Fear, Anxiety & Healing

Nearly a month ago I started a file on the laptop called COVID-19 Journal. When I journal, I normally write in an old fashioned journal with pen and paper, but somehow my mind is running faster than my pen can write, so the click clack of the keys on the keyboard get the thoughts out a lot faster.
Today, as I was writing my thoughts, it came to me that perhaps, in this time of uncertainty there are others fighting a battle with anxiety. I know that I am not alone, but us anxiety fighting people don't often talk about it, do we? So, I thought I would share my thoughts on anxiety and raw and imperfect as they are, in the hopes that my raw and imperfect thoughts will be of encouragement to someone else in battle today:
April 8, 2020 The concept and reality of healing has been in my life for a long time. Twenty two years ago, I was a scared 22 year old and close family and friends gathered in my parent’s living room and flooded the gates of heaven with prayers of healing, as…