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The Next Right Thing

Have you ever had a dream that has kind of just sat there for years and years and years and you’ve almost forgotten about it because so much happened in life that the dream just kind of got put on the back burner? For me, one of these dreams has been to run a Bed and Breakfast that could also be used as a refuge for those needing one for the short term. We contemplated running an Air B&B out of our home in Ontario, but we didn’t have a separate unit and I wasn’t comfortable with strangers having reign of our own living quarters…especially with a child in the house. I was also in a season of complete and utter exhaustion, a result of PTSD and Adrenal Fatigue. I couldn’t imagine hosting guests without crashing for days afterwards.

When we moved back to Alberta, the thought didn’t even occur to me because our house is under major renovations and it made no sense. We’ve lived here for a year and the little house beside ours has sat vacant that whole time. This spring it came up for sal…