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Laughing off Lies

Last weekend we braved the local mall to pick something up at the dollar store 'really quickly'. As we walked down the hallway towards the dollar store, a young man from a kiosk tried to get our attention. I am really good at looking distracted and quickly getting by these kiosks. Jason, however, has a heart of pure gold and always sees the person and wants to give them a few minutes because this is their job and it's a hard one. I love him for it, but it takes time...time we didn't have before the mall closed.

This particular kiosk was a skin care product and the young man pulled us in and asked me what products I use on my face. I told him and then he asked, When's the last time you took a shower? As he's rubbing a product on my wrist and a grey, disgusting, dirty film starts to rub off of my skin. I was shocked. Who asks such a question? I had just had a shower a few hours ago, but from the look of what he was rubbing off my wrist, I felt like I hadn't …

Renovations: A Love-Hate Relationship

Renovations. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love the transformation that comes with them, but the demolition and the mess before the rebuild is not my favourite. Jason loves that part. He's like Chip Gaines on Fixer Upper, yelling "DEMO DAY" and I am Joanna, quietly in the background wanting him to hurry up so we can get to the design and decorating part. The renovation we are living in right now is FAR from the design and decorating part. We will be in the painful demo and reconstruction phase for a while, but it will be worth it.

Today our front yard is being dug up:

The original, 1946 sewer line to the road is not in the best shape, so it needs to be replaced and as they are digging it up, my heart rate is rather elevated. What if they hit the waterline? What if I forget I can't use the toilet, sink, dishwasher, washing machine etc. and sewer backs up? What if they compromise the foundation of the house? What if...What if... So silly, really. So what…