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The Simple Miracles of Christmas

The Christmas season this year felt heavier than usual. Not the missing of Mikail. That's a missing that has settled into our souls. It's a part of us and will always be there. There are a few other heavy things weighing us down and it seems that only a miracle could change these things. Yes, sometimes miracles come in an instant but the types of situations these are, will take time to change, heal and resolve. So, although we need a couple of big miracles in our lives in that regard, my Christmas miracle prayers were simple: a white Christmas and a joy that we have not experienced at Christmas since Christmas 2013.

Our situation has not changed, but oh what a wonderful Christmas we had. We woke up to a white Christmas and the days of Christmas were filled with an explainable joy. A contentedness that had no overshadowing, paralyzing grief. We just felt content in each moment we were gifted. Yes, there was a constant longing, but for the first time, it was not paralyzing and …

The Miracle of Christmas

I don't think there is a single one of us who doesn't need a Christmas Miracle this year.  There's always a need and a longing for something or someone. For something to change our situation as it is into something that could be. Sometimes things seem so grey, so bleak, that it's seems too difficult to believe for miracles anymore.

What is a miracle? As our pastor defined it a few weeks ago: A miracle is an extraordinary even manifesting divine intervention in human affairs. And as I think about the miracles we have experienced in our lives, I know there are big Wow, God! That was You! miracles. I also know there are those teeny tiny whispered miracles that settle into your soul in the form of peace, and joy, love and hope and if we don't open our souls to them, we miss the miraculous nature of them altogether.

This year has been a tough one. I know, you're probably thinking, what can be harder than the year Mikail passed away? Well, let me tell you, it's …