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...I've been feeling way too much. 

For years I have felt guilty about needing alone time, not liking to be in big crowds of people, preferring authentic one on one relationships with others, and being vulnerable to emotional and sensory overload. My parents and my dear husband have always been very understanding, supportive and accepting of this part of me--yet always encouraging me to grow. I am so grateful for this.

As a teenager, I went to a private boarding school, and I will never forget the one 'report card' I received and the Resident Dean's note included something to the effect of, Iris is very conscientious in her studies, has a few very close friends, and seems to spend too much time alone in her room. This statement was like a knife to my heart. What was wrong with me?

In my teaching career, I had a principal who knew that I was sensitive but didn't hold it against me. I had joked that I cry when I am happy, sad, proud of my students, broken for them, and …