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When Heaven is too Long Away

July 23rd. It marks 18 months since Mikail passed away. A year and a half without him. It seems like forever ago one moment and a minute ago the next.

Sometimes, at night, when Olivia misses him so deeply, she says "Heaven is too long away. Why does God still need us here, again?" Such truth in her innocent 4 year old thinking. Heaven IS too long away.

Yesterday I was sitting on a bench at the store, waiting for Olivia and Jason to pick me, going through old photos on my phone. Tears were brimming and I was missing Mikail so very much. How I wished he was sitting on that bench beside me watching people go by, maybe playing I Spy With my Little eye, or just chatting about things that 6 year olds chat about. Wow, he'd be six by now. Going into grade favourite grade to teach. Such an amazing age. The thoughts just kept coming, but then, just as quickly they changed into thoughts of the coming week. A week we've been waiting for a very long time. Jason is on ho…

Gardening and those Pesky Weeds

I've always been fascinated with 'front yard vegetable gardening'. I've seen front yard vegetable gardens in urban areas and have always thought it is such a good use of space.

When we moved into our home just over a year ago, there was a large perennial garden in the front yard. I tried my best to keep the weeds at bay, but it was hard to do, since everything was so overgrown and I didn't really know what plants were what, or what should be where. It seemed to have been neglected for a while and nothing I did, seemed to make it look like anything but an old overgrown perennial bed. I didn't have the same vision for it that the previous owners did.

Since our house is on the river, the traditional 'back yard' is actually treated more like a front yard in our neighbourhood. Most homes have their sheds in the front yard and put little effort into the landscaping of the front yard. You live on the river and put your efforts there. So, we decided that chang…

When you don't know what to say anymore...

In some seasons in life I find prayer difficult. 
What do I even say to God? 
What do I ask, when for two years most questions have been met with silence or the answer "no"?
This week my nightly prayer has been the same, "I don't know what to say anymore, God. Where are you? In it all, I know I still love you. Show us, Lord."
This morning I woke up with the lyrics "Glory to God. Glory to God. Glory to God...forever" on repeat in my mind. 
Maybe that's the answer: thankfulness and glory to God, no matter what...
Join me? Find glory to God in the everyday little as they may seem. For me, the easiest is in finding it in the beauty of His creation...right around our yard: