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Tea for Two

Wow! I can't believe the end of May is already here. Once we got passed the beginning of the month, time has flown by.

Olivia turned four this month and she requested a tea party with her little friend from Nursery School. Yay for me! What's easier than a party for two?

When I look back at previous birthdays I am mind blown at this little girl who came screaming into the world and changed our lives for the better, forever. Her spunky, spirited ways keep us on our toes, yet they are balanced with the most compassionate, caring, imaginative, little girl. We are blessed by her:

 My how she's grown!

And here are a few photos from the Tea for Two Birthday Party:

Someone Spilled the Beans

Ever since Jason and I met and I learned about his career (he's a Civil Engineering Technologist having to do with maintenance/construction of roads), I've always been blown away with things he or his guys find on the side of the road and are left to clean up. Everything from appliances and BBQs to animal road kill. 
It wasn't until we moved to southern Ontario that vegetables have started being added to this list. What do you call that? Vegetable road kill? There was the time they got the call about the rutabaga spill and had to clean up the spill.  Yesterday a produce truck lost crates of green beans and obviously they couldn't deliver them to the stores, but there was nothing wrong with them...except that they will show bruising soon. 
So, guess what? I've been blanching and freezing green beans all day. In the month of May! I guess I don't need to plant as many bush beans this year. 
What a strange turn of events, turning into a blessing as I fill the freezer.…


Six years ago today, after 38 hours of labour we finally got to meet our first born son. What a day that was. Mikail was the one who first made me a Mama. We had so many firsts together and I so wish we would have more...

Oh how I wish we were lighting six candles on a cake today.

Oh how I wonder what theme he would have chosen for his birthday party.

Who would be the friends that he would want to invite to his party?

What type of cake would he have wanted?

How tall would he be?

What would have been his birthday gift wish?

So many questions fill my mind today as I miss our brave warrior boy. Yet, I know that no matter what he would choose here, it couldn't compare to the party he is having in heaven today. I can only imagine the grandeur of it all.

Save a place for me, buddy, because one day we will be there celebrating with you. Until then, on this day, we will smile through our tears and remember what an amazing boy you will always be.