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Letters from Heaven

This past Christmas, Olivia received the most lovely imaginary play post office from her very creative Tia. She has been busy delivering letters, and of course we have to 'read' the letters that have been 'written to us'. It's been a challenge to keep the creativity going, but it's kind of fun.

Usually the letters are from friends or family, but lately she's been delivering letters from Mikail in heaven. It's been interesting to hear what it is that she wants to hear from him.
Today, out of curiosity, we asked her if these are real letters from Mikail and she rolled her eyes (3 going on 13, anyone?) and said NO! We are pretend playing. They are pretend letters from Mikail in heaven. It's just for fun! Phew! We are safe on that one, yet thankful that she is able to and finds healing in including her brother in her play.
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