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He Promised!

In the beginning of 2015, I decided to join in on the 'one word' challenge. The challenge being to lay aside any New Years Resolutions (which I never follow through on anyhow, let's be honest) and narrow them down to a single focus. Essentially, choosing one word to meditate and reflect on. A word that will challenge me and be the mission or theme for the year. Perhaps, had I known the year we would have in front of us, I would have chosen an  easier word? (kidding of course).

The word I chose was BLESSED. I went a little further and chose a scripture that would be my scripture for the year. It hangs on the wall beside my computer.

My daily reminder:

BLESSED  is she who has believed  that the Lord would fulfill  His promises to her.  Luke 1:45
There have been so many incredibly huge challenges for us this year and they continue to pile up. Sometimes it feels like rather than there being a rainbow in the storm, the storm just keeps on building. It has been so helpful to focus …

Don't Postpone Joy

For me JOY is a choice I have to make daily.

(Time lapse of 30 minutes.)

I wanted to write about not postponing joy in life. I had so much to say, scriptures to give encouragement, but as soon as I sat down to type, it was gone and negativity set in. My fingers just wanted to type all the things that are bogging me down this past month, but what good would that do?

Truthfully, for the past month I haven't done a good job of choosing joy. There have been moments of pure joy, but overall, negativity seems to be all around us and it is so easy to get sucked into other people's drama that becomes your own. To get trapped. That too is a choice. A choice I absolutely dislike when people around me make it, yet, in the past month I have not had the energy to keep it at bay. When the drama of life (totally not related to grief) drags you down, it is sometimes easier to stay down than find the energy to get up again and find the light. Yet, the darkness down here isn't all that fun …