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Quiet Time

Do you have a "Quiet Time" spot in your home? I've never really had one until a few weeks ago when Jason bought this leather chair for our bedroom. It is the perfect spot for reading, praying, and crying.

My journal, and the two books I'm reading through as spiritual encouragement are close by.

Last week a package arrived in the mail and in it was this beautiful prayer shawl, knit together with love and prayers in each stitch. It is so cozy and comforting. What a beautiful gesture from dear family friends.

My coffee seems to always make its way to my Quiet Time corner.

I wanted to hang something on the wall behind the chair, but wasn't sure what. I checked all of our framed art and photos and knew tat this painting was the one. We bought it in Costa Rica on our "Baby Moon" in 2009. There is so much symbolism in this painting for me.

Do you have a spot to go to where you can "just be" and think and pray and laugh and cry? What does yours look like? If you don't have one, what would yours look like if you had one?

This little corner has turned into a true haven for me. Away from the hustle and bustle of life. A safe, quiet place to "just be".

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