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I am slowly going crazy...

It has been snowing, storming, snow squalling all week. 
I haven't left the house since Sunday. 
Well, I took Mikail to the bus stop on Tuesday and picked him up, but that's still on the property. School's been cancelled the rest of the week. 

I am slowly going CRAZY 1,2,3,4,5,6, switch.
Crazy going slowly am I 6,5,4,3,2,1 switch.

There's a 3 foot drift around my vehicle and I dread going to dig it out, but at the same time feel super blessed because the business next door plowed the driveway. There's a huge snow hill now, so really I should bundle up the kids and head out there. They will be busy on the hill while I dig out the car...and then freedom is mine...if I dare go out on the icy road.

Anyone else going crazy in their own part of the world? From snow or heat or extreme cold or whatever it is that mother-nature is throwing at you right now?

Aren't the colours so pretty? 
(like my positive twist on MORE SNOW? LOL)

It IS actually quite beautiful, though, isn't it?
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