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Intro to the "Ruth: Waiting on God's Timing" Study

When your heart is full on a usually lonely Friday...

There is this little park that we go to, pretty much every day. It's a few blocks from our house and we love it. There are huge shade trees. A play structure perfect for kids under the age of 6. Swings. Sandbox. Picnic shelter. Wading Pool. Stamped sidewalks with ABCs and 123s on them. It's become our happy place during this summer of transition for us.

So, this morning we packed up our sand toys and went to the park to dig in the sand. When we got there it was filled with parents and young children. There were riding toys, blankets with themed activities on them. Painting. Playdough. Games. Puzzles. Wow! I thought. Someone is having a party. How fun. We went to a corner of the park, not being used and got out our sand toys. It was such a beautiful morning, that I just felt completely full. My heart was so full of contentment in the simplicity and beauty of this Friday  morning.

In the next half hour I noticed more and more parents and kids showing up. Either these people kno…

Canning Peaches

I recently found out that the peach trees in Ontario most likely won't bear much fruit this year and we've come to accept that we will not be in our 'forever home' for at least 6 months, so no homegrown peaches out of our own property either. When I saw that a Georgia Peach Truck was going to be parked in a parking lot down the block from our house for two hours last week, I made sure we were there bright and early to buy 25 lbs of peaches. This landed up being about 50 medium to large freestone peaches.Yesterday they were ready for canning.

Last year we did a peach canning experiment. We were appalled at the amount of sugar that goes into canned peaches and since we try to cut back on sugar, we had to find a better way. We did some of our peaches in a very light honey based syrup. Then we did the same thing but doubled the honey. And the last type was using a light sugar based syrup. We found the light honey based syrup too tart and the double honey too sweet and the…

Faith and the Wait and the Comeback of Joy

Sometimes the 'new order of things' is so vastly different than you expected.

Sometimes that in itself is difficult. Paralyzingly difficult.

Sometimes that's okay. For in the waiting you are meant to rest.

God has it in His hands. He's taking care of things behind the scenes and all you have to do is




The clock does not matter. It's not about YOUR timing. It's about HIS timing. Hard as it may be.

There is faith that in the midst of the setbacks,  God is setting up everything for the comeback of your joy  ~Ann Voskamp~
And just because it may not be happening in your own time, doesn't mean that it wasn't necessarly not meant to be. You planted the dream in faith, so don't allow doubt to dig up the beautiful dream God placed in your soul.

For the love of antiques

This weekend we explored an antique flea market and tried to find as many roadside antique stores as we could. This was our favourite:

A retired couple, collecting things of old and selling them to passers-by. We had so much fun looking for items that would work for storage in our apartment and be useful pieces in our forever home later on.

We came home with two wash stands and a giant electrical wire spool to use as a T.V. stand for now. I love the rustic, chippy paint look of these items. Now I am on the search for some ceramic drawer pulls and have to decide how to refinish some of these items. So fun.


After a long chat while the kids were still asleep on Saturday morning (miracle of miracles), Jason and I agreed that last week was by far THE toughest week we've had in a long, long time. We even dared to say that it was more difficult than the two weeks following Mikail's birth, or the months of our very colicky Olivia. Those were tough times. REALLY tough times, but through those times we were there for each other, holding each other up. This past week was different in that we weren't there for each other. That puts a whole new twist on things, doesn't it? When the person you love the most in the world is physically present, but not truly there. When the dream of moving closer to family, closer to warmer weather, closer to water. closer to a slower lifestyle, closer to a huge dream, just hasn't turned out how you thought it would. Not that it's bad. It's just filled with more of the 'waiting' you thought was over.

Thankfully this tough week rema…

The struggle between the old and the new

I'm really struggling these days.

We have found a basement apartment to rent and we are so grateful to be together, yet we wonder why it is that there are no potential properties for us at this point? Living in rent is soooo against everything in my being. I long to decorate and organize and make a place our own again, but in a rental space I have no desire for such. Why bother? But then again, I know we need to make wherever we are, our home. So I am torn.

 It is so hard to keep two confused and not adjusting too well, young children quiet in our basement and by 9 a.m. I am usually ready to throw in the towel. But, I can't, so I let the tears flow in the shower and then suck it up as I get ready for the day. We pack up a snack and drinks and head to the cutest little park near by. It has a play structure the perfect size for 2-6 year olds. A sandbox, swings, picnic shelter, and a wading pool. We spend an hour or two there every morning and some afternoons too. It's my sa…

Dreaming while we wait...

One of my most favourite things to do these days, is to walk the streets of our new little town and take pictures of the beautiful century homes and their gardens.

We may be renting, but oh how I am dreaming of gardening in our own gardens someday. So, we wander the streets and take pictures of the beautiful perennial gardens so that I can make my own little photo wish list of beautiful plants to grow.

Dreaming is therapy for my soul.

How are things really going?

It has been four weeks since we left our home in Grande Prairie.Through this whirlwind of a move, everything has fallen into place. We sold two homes. One while on the road, via text and documents sent from hotel lobbies. We made it across the country with a cell phone that was on its last leg and only worked when plugged in. Our Spirited Girl contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease as well as Impetigo somewhere along the way and had major trouble with her eczema all at the same time. Oh the pain she was in.  Upon arrival in Ontario we were dismayed at the results of the provincial vote, making us question our move to a province in such great debt and its voters continuing to vote in that same direction.
Through this and so much more, we walked in peace, knowing that God has paved the way for us. We have been unable to find rent in Exeter or the surrounding area. We need a month to month lease where children are allowed. Nothing. Jason stayed in the local 'Inn' as well as at…