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What I have to remember on those 'hard parenting' days

Those days where parenting is know the ones.

Where everyone is whining.

Everything is a fight.

Anything you do or say is the wrong thing.

You're sick and tired (literally) and want to crawl into a hole (or a warm bed with a good set of earplugs).

You know the days I'm talking about. We all have them.

It's on days like this that I go through my camera and look at the wonderful moments. The ones worth capturing forever.

Silly times in the bathtub.

A quiet game of  'Go Fish'.

Learning about patterns.

Dressing up just for fun. Sheriffs, superheros and princesses are big around here.

Listening to very loud xylophone concerts on the front entrance floor.

Cloth diaper streaking.

Quiet sibling snuggles.

Outdoor fun.

Helping Daddy.

And getting into Mommy's make up.

This is the stuff that makes me smile and remember that not all days are like the hard parenting ones.
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