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What I have to remember on those 'hard parenting' days

Those days where parenting is know the ones.

Where everyone is whining.

Everything is a fight.

Anything you do or say is the wrong thing.

You're sick and tired (literally) and want to crawl into a hole (or a warm bed with a good set of earplugs).

You know the days I'm talking about. We all have them.

It's on days like this that I go through my camera and look at the wonderful moments. The ones worth capturing forever.

Silly times in the bathtub.

A quiet game of  'Go Fish'.

Learning about patterns.

Dressing up just for fun. Sheriffs, superheros and princesses are big around here.

Listening to very loud xylophone concerts on the front entrance floor.

Cloth diaper streaking.

Quiet sibling snuggles.

Outdoor fun.

Helping Daddy.

And getting into Mommy's make up.

This is the stuff that makes me smile and remember that not all days are like the hard parenting ones.

A Healthy Marriage Amidst the Noise of the World

Several times in our marriage I've heard people say that time to yourself is selfish. That time away as a couple is selfish. That in generations past this was not an option. It wasn't needed. Marriages did fine without breaks.

I recently came to my own conclusion on this. I may be way off, but here we go anyhow:

GodHusbandChildrenEveryone and everything else If this is how I prioritize my life, which I do, then time alone (with God) and time with my husband is extremely important.

In addition to this, we are living in the age of technology ~ the information age.

When I was born, less than 40 years ago, my parents sometimes waited months to receive a hand written letter from family or friends. Now, with the click of a few keys on a computer or phone, I can reach family and friends across the world in seconds.

The information age is great in this way and so many other ways as well. Yet, at the same time, we are bombarded from all sides with the "noise" of this new wor…


What a whirlwind it is around here. Such good stuff.

Jason's parents visiting for three weeks. What a blessing!

 Renovating floors. Moving from honey oak laminate to darker hardwood.

 It's always an adventure around here and although it's such good stuff, I am tired. Tired and filled with joy and gratitude. So much to be thankful for once I look beyond the exhaustion ;)

Are you exhausted too? Are you remembering to find the joy and the gratitude amidst it all? Please do. It sure helps make the exhaustion worthwhile and turn from burden to blessing.

Our Strength and Portion

I once asked my Mom, in tears, if she was this tired when we were all little. She laughed and said that for about eight years she thought she would never see the end of diapers and she thought she would never know what it would feel like to be rested again. The interesting thing is that I don't remember my Mom being frustrated or tired. I remember snuggling in for many story books. I remember baking together. I remember going for walks together. I remember us all piling on the long toboggan and racing down the snow hill screaming in delight. Mom's screams probably the loudest. I remember time spent together.

Now that I am in this mothering season of life I understand it a bit better. I am sure she was exhausted and frustrated at times. She had four little ones and I only have two little ones to take care of. She must have been doubly exhausted. The thing is, that she never showed it. She never complained.

I have wondered why.

I have wondered how.

Then I came to a realizatio…

Let go and Let God

I can't imagine there isn't a person who doesn't think about the future. Some think about it more than others. Some worry about it, others don't ~ or do they?.

Sometimes it would be so nice to just know the outcome of something we've been waiting for, for such a long time. To know whether you will ever see that positive pregnancy test. Or to know whether the adoption you've been praying for, for so long is about to happen. Or perhaps you're waiting for healing in your body or healing in your marriage or other relationships. Perhaps you're waiting for favour in your career.  The list could go on forever.

I love how this scripture from Deuteronomy reminds us that God has this. He knows all the secret things we don't know yet. When He reveals those secret things, in His time, they belong to us forever. Forever.

As we wait, He is there leading, guiding, and showing us which steps to take, but are we trusting? I tend to get all 'control freak' o…