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Those days when tears are the prayer of your heart

You know those days (or weeks) when you are completely exhausted.

Perhaps even sick.

 When your kids need you all.the.time.

When it feels like you aren't giving your marriage what it needs and you feel like you and your husband are becoming strangers.

When your career is taking the wind out of you and your dreams are far from coming true.

When marriages all around you are crumbling.

When your friends seem so far away but you don't have the energy to spend time with them, but know that would cure it all ~ at least for an evening.

When your family issues keep you up at night and you beg God to intervene ~ for reconciliation in relationships.

When you're waiting for your miracle baby. Month after month. Year after year.

When family is so far away it breaks your heart.

When you know that if the tears start to flow they will never stop.

Those are the days where we need to let the tears flow.

Those are the days when the tears that flow are the prayers of our heart.

The shortes…

Quiet Time and Nap Time

Whether my children believe they need or don't need nap time, I believe they need nap time or at least quiet time.

Olivia still naps once a day (most days).

Mikail hasn't really napped since the day Olivia was born. Funny how that works. BUT he does have Quiet Time. Most days.

Over the Christmas Holidays when Mikail was not at school, I found that he only lasted for 15 minutes in his room at Quiet Time. Too short. I would like him to be in his room for 45 minutes for sure. So, I went around the house and found activities he could do independently. I put a collection into six bins. One bin for each weekday and one bin for Saturday and Sunday. It's been amazing how this extends his Quiet Time.

I printed the first letter of the day of the week on a label and stuck it on each bin. This is helping Mikail with sound/letter matching. He picks out the correct bin for each day. Under each large letter I have the full day of the week written out for later use when he is older and a…

No one can tame the tongue, but oh how I wish I could

Some days I am content in my role as a Mama. Most days. It is on days like this that I tend to blog about all the fun things we do and the cute things they say and sadly it makes it sound so perfect.

And often it is.

But sometimes it isn't.

Sometimes I am tired.

Sometimes I want a break. A long break.

Sometimes I get angry and need to take a time out myself.

Sometimes my words or perhaps my tone isn't kind and loving. It's funny how you can say, "Please go clean your room' using exactly those words, which are kind and polite words, but you can use those words in an angry impatient tone. Sigh.

We don't blog or facebook, tweet or instagram about those moments a lot though. Do we? I don't.

Some days I am reminded that it's okay to start over. I am reminded that even Biblical James struggled with this:

...but no one can tame the tongue. It is restless and evil, full of deadly poison.Sometimes it praises our Lord and Father, and sometimes it curses those who have be…

Why go to Church when it's -40 degrees outside?

In the past, when I have sat in a Church, I have seen it as a place where you need to be quiet in reverence. Rarely did I hear children talking or crying or screaming. Children must be seen and not heard, or something like that? Now that I have children and I think back to my many Church experiences, I did hear children. They talked. They cried. They screamed at times, too. It just didn't register with me. It wasn't important. It was a very small part of the whole Church experience. A non-issue.

Now that I am all grown up and I have two children with a mind of their own, every word spoken, every tear cried, every blood curdling scream seems to go through a giant amplifier and pierce through my Mama being.  I have to consciously turn off the inner-warning that everyone is judging me, my parenting, and/or our presence there. Thankfully we go to a Church that is filled with imperfect people who are filled with a whole lot of grace and love. 99% of the time we are welcomed with o…