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Dreaming BIG: Dream Boldly

Dreaming BIG: God's desires or mine?

Dreaming Big ~ A new six week mini series

We all have dreams and aspirations. But how do we know that these dreams are from God? How do we deal with the long wait for an answer? How do we have faith and hope? How, amidst the happenings in the world do we remain strong and dream boldly? These are all questions that have been on my heart for a long time. Let's spend the next six weeks exploring what God says about the dreams and heart's desires He places in our hearts. Let's learn to dream BIG!

Join me every Monday for the next six weeks, right here on, for thoughts and encouragement in the area of Dreaming BIG and claiming God's promises for our lives!

Air Travel with a Spirited Toddler and a Sensitive Preschooler

When Mikail was an infant and small toddler we traveled with him a lot. His first airplane trip was when he was just a few days old when he was airlifted to the Stollery Children's Hospital. Then when he was six months old I took him home to see my family for a week. After that I have lost count on how many times he has been in an airplane. He is a great traveler.

This August we took trip to visit Jason's family. It was Olivia's first airplane trip at 15 months of age. It was Mikail's umpteenth trip. Mikail did great for the most part. Olivia? Nightmare! All of the flights were a challenge with her, but one of them was especially challenging:

Olivia does not like to be held unless it is on her terms. So, you can imagine her reaction when we took off and landed. Because she is under 2 years of age, she is considered a lap baby. She doesn't get a seat and for take off and landing, lap babies have to be held against you in the burping position. Oh my! Cue paint peeli…