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Depression Part X: Coming out of the Fog

Wow! Have I truly not blogged about depression in over two months? The last time I did, it was about the fog starting to lift but feeling as though it could all crumble at any second. A lot has changed in these past two months. I have found a new groove for the new me. Because, truthfully after depression hits you, you are never the same as before. That doesn't have to be a bad thing. For me it is a great thing. I feel stronger than I was before. I feel more sensitive to those around me than I did before. I feel a sense of self protection for my heart and soul that was there before but even stronger now.

So often since this Post Partum Depression (PPD) journey started I have wondered whether I would ever feel 'normal' again. And what IS normal anyhow? Several strong Mamas who have gone through PPD have said that things WILL get better. That this is just a season. Whatever! That is what I thought in my mind. The black hole I was in seemed like it would never see the light …