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A Pinterest Project

Pinterest has some fabulous ideas on it and I have tried out a few. Some have been a royal fail, but others were a success. This one, I think, was a success:

A great place to keep Olivia's hair accessories.

I got an old oak picture frame from a garage sale and spray painted it and then simply staple gunned/glue gunned the ribbons into place and TaahhDaahh: a place for all her hair accessories.  I also got little hooks to screw into the bottom of the frame to hang headbands, but I am not sure I will like that look, so I haven't done that yet.


  1. A great idea! I did something like that to hang earrings. I stapled netting in a wooden frame to hang all of them. Works lovely!

  2. Kathy, I am actually on the lookout for a frame to use for that exact project...earring hanger. Did you use chicken wire or cloth netting?


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