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Basement Bathroom Update

Before we started renovating our main bathroom upstairs we made a bathroom in the basement so that we would at least have somewhere to shower. There really aren't any before pictures because the basement was bare. We started from scratch with a clean slate, which is a lot easier than trying to fix what is already there, like we did upstairs.
So this is the view you get when you come into the bathroom from the rec room:

First of all, the wall paint is not quite what I had envisioned, but it's not bad for a 'miscommunication in marriage' moment. It was supposed to be more along the lines of that tranquil aqua blue like this. Oh well, not going to repaint now. It's a basement bathroom after all.
 The 12x12 tile is the same as the tile in the tub surround upstairs. We just went with a different accent tile down here as well as a more distinctive grout colour.  Yes, I dislike tile on the floor, but we did put infloor heating in (with a timer) which was supposed to make…

Main Bathroom Renovations

When we moved into our very outdated and falling apart 34 year old house, the main bathroom was the room in the best condition. It would be the last room we would renovate. Looking back, that was a mistake. You spend a lot of time in a bathroom and when it is gross, it's just GROSS. But that's what we decided, so that's what we did.

When we bought the house, the bathroom had wind chimes hanging in it that the owners so kindly left for us. The light fixtures were beyond disgusting, there was mold growing on the ceiling, the vanity was cracked and permenantly stained, the tub surround was loose, had mold growing on it, and the lino on the floor had cut marks all over it and the vanity had drawer faces missing that we could not replace. We checked every hardware store. To have them custom made was more expensive than buying a new vanity. And yes, it was the room with the least worries.

I took down the wind chimes, we got a new vanity mirror and light, I treated the molding c…