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When it's Time to Give Yourself a Pep Talk

What I love about David the Psalmist is that he is the real deal. He just says what he is going through without holding back. If he's filled with joy and praise, he shouts it. If he's filled with sadness and grief, we can feel the depths of it. In Psalm 42 he's giving himself a little pep talk. He's going through a lot of hard stuff. He's longing for God. His heart is breaking. He's discouraged. He's asking God why all this horrible stuff is happening to him. He bares his soul and then basically gives himself a kick in the behind because no matter what is going on, we can put our hope in God and praise Him again.

So that's what I've been thinking about today and you know, God, He's so amazing. I'm driving home from restocking wool products at a local vendor shop and this song comes on the radio and it's written around Psalm 42:11. As I am belting out the lyrics, pounding my hands on the steering wheel, tears streaming down my face in co…

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