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Finding Our Place...

Four years ago we moved across the country from Alberta to Ontario. To say that these past for years have been filled with all of our dreams coming true, would be a gross exaggeration and blatant lie. The past four years have been hands down the most painful years either of us have experienced and we've each had our share of struggles. Yes, the unexpected death of Mikail would be at the top of this list, but there are so many other things that happened along the way that broke our brokenness into even more pieces. Amidst all of this heartbreak, there has been incredible healing take place in the last year.

A year ago we walked into the doors of Lakeshore Community Church and were welcomed with open arms. We didn't know anyone and were not a part of the community and for the first two months, I think we both cried through every single church service as we were finally in a place where we were welcome in our broken state. This past year has been filled with incredible support f…

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