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Laughing off Lies

Last weekend we braved the local mall to pick something up at the dollar store 'really quickly'. As we walked down the hallway towards the dollar store, a young man from a kiosk tried to get our attention. I am really good at looking distracted and quickly getting by these kiosks. Jason, however, has a heart of pure gold and always sees the person and wants to give them a few minutes because this is their job and it's a hard one. I love him for it, but it takes time...time we didn't have before the mall closed.

This particular kiosk was a skin care product and the young man pulled us in and asked me what products I use on my face. I told him and then he asked, When's the last time you took a shower? As he's rubbing a product on my wrist and a grey, disgusting, dirty film starts to rub off of my skin. I was shocked. Who asks such a question? I had just had a shower a few hours ago, but from the look of what he was rubbing off my wrist, I felt like I hadn't …

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